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Mgenge Clan Praises | Izibongo zakwa Mgenge

Mgenge Clan Praises | Izibongo zakwa Mgenge

Mlondo ,
mthiyane ,
mlondo ngoku londoloza izintandane nabafelokazi,
wena owagengeleza umuzi ka dingiswayo inkosi yama nyambose.


Izithakazelo zakwa Xulu


Mzolo Clan Praises | Izithakazelo zakwa Mzolo


  1. Zakhe

    Some say MPANGAZITHA MJANYELWA PHAQA NJENGELANGA NODUNGANDABA/NODUBANDABA MLONDO so please to anyone who know how Mpangazitha appear on Mgenge clan

    • Sthembiso Mgenge

      Mjanyelwa owajanyelwa zinkunzinkunzi
      Sophiya phaqa njengelanga

  2. Zakhe

    Some say somewhere Mpangeni there was Mgenge Chief who was overthrown by Mthethwa’s regime is that true?

    • Sthembiso Mgenge

      I am not too sure about that, what i heard is that our chief lived eMatigulu. He lost his chieftaincy because he said it was holding him back from enjoying his life. They claim that he liked alcohol, so dealing with people’s problems was holding him from going to the shebeens or ceremonies where there is alcohol. He then asked his right-hand man (induna) to look after his chieftaincy while he was busy enjoying the life. Ubukhosi was then lost in that manner. I am not sure if he had no sons or brothers who would be his successors or take care of the throne while he was enjoying his life OR maybe induna was very much trusted and took away our chieftaincy sasala singenayo iNkosi.

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