Izithakazelo zakwa Malimela

Izithakazelo zakwa Malimela | Malimela clan | Malimela origin

Malimela origin | Malimela history | Umlando wabakwa Malimela

It’s been quiet a journey for us, but we have finally managed to gather some important and profound information about our origin.

There is still a lot of research going around behind the scenes, but the team of the representatives of this family are working tirelessly in trying to solve this mystery of our origin.

What saddens me the most is seeing our young stars growing up without any knowledge whatsoever of our praises as this great family. Every time I open any family page on Facebook, on what’s up or any other social network, you hear this generation asking about their praises and wanting clarity of our origin. Hopefully this will help. THE FAMILY TREE.

The family tree is the first place to start and I am absolutely sure that each one of us will be able see their direct line of their forefathers that you’ve heard of, either being mentioned to you by your father in passing or your grandparents praising you using these names, but the sure thing is: THIS IS WHERE WE ALL COME FROM.

This is incomplete as we want to get right down to where you are, where you will even see your name in this family tree.This family tree is not final, any comments, suggestions and even inputs will be highly appreciated.

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