Ndlovu Mthombeni clan

Ndlovu Mthombeni clan

Isibongo Ndlovu is a very complex surname that has a complex history for one to simply deploy as a way to understand identity. For example, isibongo Ndlovu does not signify a single clan group.

There are Ndlovu (Gatsheni) who are Nguni, Ndlovu (Gabula) who are Kalanga, Ndlovu (Mthombeni) who are Nguni and other Ndlovus with various ethnic origins. So one cannot use and take isibongo Ndlovu to mean a single clan and then quickly assign ethnic origin to the concept.

On top of this there were numerous people of Lozwi-Shona origin who used their own agency to translate their original Shona surnames into Ndlovu. The reality is that one finds numerous Ndlovus in Matabeleland and the Midlands regions sharing a common totem (elephant) but not tracing their descent from common clans or ethnic groups. Eyami iNdlovu originates from South Africa and itemwa ngo ‘Mlondeni’ njalo ngiliTshangane.

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