Origin of Ndlovu surname

Origin of Ndlovu surname

Ndlovu in Venda they say Ndou. is Sotho, Tlou. Shona-Zhou. You also find it in Swahili, in east an west Africa. So all these are Ndlovu yakwaMthombeni tribe which falls under kalanga tribe within the Ndebele nation.

Ndebele is a nation made up of various tribes that were incoporated by by King Mzilikazi. INdlovu yakwaGatsheni is part of that tribe. So through Mfecane various tribes lefr Zululand and headed for central Africa. Some settled in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Mthwakazi etc.

All these tribes carried elements of the original Ndlovu but due to circumstances changed their surnames to suit local conditions, eg Ndou (indlovu in Venda).

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