Bats’oeneng clan meaning:

Motsoeneng means “a diamond of God”.

Brief history:

Bats’oeneng are the descendants of Bakoena. They venerate the monkey. This is largely based on the circumstances of how Mots’oene conceived. As the story goes, Mots’oene’s mother, who was a barren, was helped to conceive by using herbal medicine abd being in physical contact with the body or skin of a monkey.

i) Mots’oeneng oa ha khiba, leleme le lets’o, le lets’o joalo ke ho koma litlhare! Ngoana ‘Makhiba kokosa srthunya, Motho oa ‘Mashooa!
ii) Mots’oeneng oa ha khiba, leleme le lets’o, le lets’o joalo ke ho koma litlhare! Ahlama, mantsoe a Mantsimane, ahlama ka hanong, re bone, re bone moo u jellang litho tsa batho!
Motho oa ‘Mashooa
iii) Leme le lets’o ke ho koma litlhare. Molula-qhooa oa ma-Tsimane motho oa Khamali
iv) Mots’oeneng oa ma-Tlapa-le-halime! Le halima ke ho sheba thabeng. Ts’oene e rita thabeng, tlapa le lets’o ke ho koma litlhare.
v) Mots’oeneng oa ha khiba le khamali leleme le lets’o ke eng? Leme le lets’o ke ho koma litlhare.

3 thoughts on “Batsoeneng Clan History & Meaning”

  1. Motsamai Mohlahli says:

    Bats’oeneng are descends of Ts’olo a twin brother of Ts’oloane , who are grand grand grand children of Koena , who venerated Koena around 13 hundred

  2. What is the name Mantsimane mean in batsoeng clan.what were here roles

    1. 'Mona Nthunya says:

      Ntsimane comes from our Ancestor Nzimeni who was the twin brother of Nzima of the Amamfene (Batsoeneng) who are part of that Matebele Group that was locked into Lesotho during the Lifaqane. They are one of the first people to inhabit Lesotho before the arrival of the Basotho and other small groups that make Lesotho today. They became so close and attached to the Bakoena so much that some think that we are Koena too. Khiba and Nkopane, the original and senior Bakoena Chief had an alliance and stayed together in Kurutlele for about 20 years. ‘Mona Nthunya

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