Amampehle Oocabashe origin

Mpehle : Cabashe, Dikane, uVete, Notyedo, Goc’ iNyonga, Masila, Nkomo z’bomvu (Mpodomise clan name)

They came from East of Central Africa around the Lake Tanganyika. They are the decendents of Chief Sibiside, and the son of Sibiside was Njanya. Njanya gave birth to two twins Mpondomise (the first/elder twin) and Mpondo (the second twin). Mpondo is the twin who gave birth to (Amampondo clan such as Faku, Nyawuza etc).
After Mpondomise and Mpondo Njanya gave birth to Xesiba “imfusi” (a person who is born after twins in Xhosa is called imfusi).
Mpondomise gave birth to Ntose and Ntose had three wives, the first wife gave birth to Cwera (from whom Amacwera originated), the second wife gave birth to Mpinga ( from whom the whole clan of Amampinga originated.