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Hina va ka Mathye
hi va tindlopfu a tiluvani, tiluvana hi mincila ya tona
va ka xibasa-milenge hi ku kandziya entlhaveni
Mathye Ndlovu

Mathye clan is a branch of the Ndlovu Tribe. The clan originates from a place called Babanango in Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa. Their ancestor, Mathe, migrated to a place called Mapulanguene in Mozambique long time ago. He started his family line there before the big family scattered again, some went to Zimbabwe, some went back to South Africa(mainly Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces) and some migrated towards the central part of Mozambique around Manica and Sofala provinces. They are now regarded as part of the Tsonga/Shangaan ethnic group, although they are originally of the Nguni ethnic group. Some members of the Mathye Clan uses Ndlovu as their surname, while some also write their surname as “Mathe”. The surname Mathye should not be confused with another similar Zulu surname called Mathe. The Mathe clan which is found amongst zulu people today originates from a different tribe, they are not of the Ndlovu Tribe. They are actually of Ncanana lineage.

Today, Mathye people are found mainly in Mozambique (Gaza and Maputo provinces) and South Africa (Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces).

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