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Ndiweni Clan. Ndiweni Meaning. Ndiweni History

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Ndiweni Surname Meaning. Ndiweni Origin. Ndiweni History:

Mdladla (abadla mandla abo),
Njola, Mthiyane,
Thwalabesabe, Madlodlongwane,
Umagangane, Lomaphikela,
Sisusalal’inkosi, Lodunga olwadungizizwe,
Ijub’elasuka lengoda kwasinqaleni,
Buhlasi bendlunkulu,
Ntanzikusela ngokuthwal’isala sensele,
AmaLebomfula/ Nina omalebe omfula !


Masunda Surname Meaning. Masunda Origin. Masunda History


Mkandla Surname Meaning. Mkandla Origin. Mkandla History:

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  1. Dumiso Matshazi

    According to my knowledge Mnkandlas are migrants of the imfecane who initially settled in Botswana.
    On arrival the locals asked them in Setswana who they were and not understanding the question they answered explaining where they were from.

    Their answer to theBatswana was “Sivela eNkandla!” Meaning we are from Nkandla. As you may know, Nkandla is a district in kwaZulu. The host concluded that these strangers were answering the question that they asked them and said in Setswana, “Bare baKaxa (They say they are BaKaxa.”

    It was Mzilikazi AmaNdebele as they met them after leaving Rusternburg to migrate North to modern day Zimbabwe who named them Mnkandla, Khabo. I was interested in this surname because my mother who is a Ncube. Is also eMnkandla. On the Nkandla side these Ncubes are also called Zikhali, and yes they reside iNkandla district to this day

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