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Silangwe esinoboya emadolweni
Ndukuda ka Sothongothi
Msithi, Jayiya, Ntobela mbhabhama, Siwisa
Mabelekwa nge tawuli, Zotsho, Mlawu, Chutshela isihlobo semamba, O Nkanda zinde zide zinemiqala ongenayo ufuze ko-nina!
Silangwe !!!

Ngifuna isikibha esihle esibhalwe izithakazelo zami See pictures here


Izithakazelo zakwa Mbanjwa


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  2. Qiniso Bambelo

    Well i can say one or two things regarding SILANGWE since i am a direct decendant.
    It’s Msithi not Msuthu. It is normally refered as: “Msithi kaSothongothi”. I also note an incorrect mixing of name which do not go together. Silangwe sons in a great house are as follows: 1. Siwisa & Chagi (Tweens)
    2. Qobo (imfusi yamawele who became the chief after Silangwe)
    3. Vumisa (an adopted son)
    4. Chutshela (the last son in a great house who married 3 wives).
    Siwisa & Chagi were dinied chiefhood to maintain PEACE.
    Some Chutshela decendants include:
    Chutshela kaSilangwe
    Makhasi ka Chutshela
    Bambelo ka Makhasi (Bambelo had 3 wives and got 2 sons in each wife),
    1st wife-Nteyi ka Bambelo
    – Mothwana ka Bambelo
    2nd wife – Gwnqe ka Bambelo
    – Fosini ka Bambelo
    3rd wife – Qubalo ka Bambelo ((((THIS IS WHERE I AM))))
    – Nzoyi ka Bambelo

    Toko ka Qubalo
    Mnyathelwa ka Toko
    Qiniso ka Mnyathelwa
    Othandwayo ka Qiniso
    Enkosi ka Qiniso

    More info may be provided if needed

    • Bulelani Silangwe

      This is interesting. Found this by accident actually. If you don’t mind I’d like to pick your brain and get a bit more [email protected]

  3. umsobomvu

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