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Origins of Nguni people

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Mnguni is the name given to Moses by his mother. Musawemanti (Mswati) is the name given by the Egyptian princess. Study the book of Exodus. Uyayeyeza uMnguni. Mlomo longacalimanga Ex 4:12-17. Wena loMuhle kakhulu; Mntanomhle, wena weluhlanga, wohlanga Ex 2:1-10. Mlentengamunye = single pillar of cloud/fire that led the children of God (Bantwabenkosi). Wena lokhanya njengelilanga; wena waphakathi Ex 34:29-35. Lwandle lukhulu lwandle lubomvu – the red sea.

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Tibongelelo taMswati


  1. Nguni people are the first original black people on earth.
    We were created before white people in the garden of Eden
    Evidence of that is found in ancient Sumerian tablet that were found in Egypt

  2. Msizi

    That so true 😌☝️ and the is a lot we still need to cover

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