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Abantu bakwa Mchunu kusengabe Nguni bazinza phakathi kwe Thaleni ne Nkandla no Mzinyathi.
Isizwe sakwa Mchunu sagqama ngenkathi kubusa inkosi uDingiswayo kwa Mthethwa, ngaleso sikhathi sabe sibuswa uMacingwane.
UMuzi ka Macingwane wabe use Thaleni ubizwa ngokuthi kuse Ngonyameni.

Izibongo ezihlobene nabakwa Mchunu u Majola, Mcumane, Ngqulunga no Ndawonde.
Ake sibazalanise:
U Mavovo uzale uNyanda Lubhoko (Dubandlela)
uLubhoko wazala uJama, Lucungu nabanye,
uJama wazala uMacingwane,
uMacingwane wazala uNsundu, Mfusi, Gandeduze, Ndabezimbi, Mqanyana, Phezulu, Nyoni no Phakade,
uPhakade wazala uGabangaye no Mbelebele,
uGabangaye wazala uSilwane, Ngomane nabanye,
uSilwane wazala u-Mzochithwayo yena ozale u-Simakade okunguyena obusayo manje,
uMfusi wazala uZimema owazala u-Mmeli.

Izithakazelo zakwa Mchunu:
Macingwane, Yeyesa, Phakade,
Wena wase Ngonyameni,
Jama ka Silwane,
Nyanda yemi khonto,
Phakade akagugi koze kuguge izingane zakhe,
Wena kano Gida ngo Bambo,
Ezinye izintombi zigida ngomshayelo.

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Ngobese, Mqungebe 😍 Ngobese Izithakazelo noMlando




  1. Buyisiwe

    umuntu wakwa Mchunu engazibiza ngoMthethwa,kukhona ubuhlubo kubona?

  2. Slondiwe Mchunu

    Syabonga eMaChunwini

    • Nkosie Mchunu

      Cha abukho umuhlobo

  3. AmaChunu are the Chunu tribe, Ama means “Tribe of”. The Chunus are an elite warrior class tribe that consists of 8 clans of each nation that live in own villages but their special occupation is to fight. To find more examples of AmaChunu, just look up the Manchu in China (this is where Manchurian candidate comes from). Before white people came, the Chunus were based in Angola along with their close cousins, the Maputu/Mpoto/Mpondo. See, Pondo lived in Kunene and surrounding areas in the South of the Kikongo Kingdom that traded with the Portuguese. Remember that from the Pondos comes Mkhize, which is actually a tribe called Kisii/Gusii/Nkosi/Ekosii (the Khiza story with the trek ad the mountains is nonsense). They would thus have been the Putu-Kisii. Maputu/Pondo are a warrior class Gaada or Nkatha. How Gaadas worked was that each Nkatha would be formed by different nations as agreed with each other. With the old Kingdom, it was big and had its centre initially in Ithiopia until it moved to Kikongo and then KZN. There were at least 5 different Gaadas/Nkathas. The Xhosas fall under the Borana/Korana/Kran/Kolan/Golan – which contain the Sapo/Sambo/Mambo and the Gona/Kwena/Ngwenya – both are large Gossas/Khozas in Africa. The Borana(Ethiopia)/Korana (South Africa-Cameroon-Nigeria etc.) were great artists and singers and in fact sang in religious functions and performed some Gaada rituals such as rite of passage and it was supposed to be a place where one sought refuge if they killed someone by mistake. This included the Khoi Khoi (herded cattle and sheep wherever there was grazing land), San (Moved around per season and pure foragers and hunters – some kept goats) and Zulus (sedentary farmers – stayed in one place for many seasons) – All black and all Bantu. Another was the Mchunu – an elite fighter unit. Maputu – the Right-hand house and Mazalankosi of the Northern Milalulu area (that’s where “sehla ngesilulu” partly comes from – just google it and you will see what I mean). I do not understand yet 100% how they worked but i know this: You could start off ages 0-8 years in Mbo country, then 9-16 at Ndebele country, 17-24 at Korana, Cape Town (learning essence of being Nguni, spirituality, astronomy + travel and singing/libations, 25-32 – Venda (learning crafting, trading etc. 33-40 – MaLuba (Kongo) 40-48 Machunu, 48-56 – Borwa/Birwa/Mlilwana/Zulu (own chiefdom) or you can start your own new Gaada (which is what Shaka did and destroyed the old Mambo Kngdom that ruled Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Eastern and Western Cape all the way to Kongo. My 2 cents. Learn about Inkathat yangempela also called a Gaada system. This is the governance and educational structure we need in South Africa – there would be 9 unemployment and people would be 100% happier.

    • Andile hawes

      It would be appreciated if the writer could give ten generations back from Macingwane as it would help to know the original tribe of AmaChunu.

      Please explain the genealogical connection of Majola and Mchunu as it would help the confusion that exists between oJolonkomo ama Mpondomisa who originate from Sibiside. According to history records, Mavovo of amsChunu and Mavovo of abaMbo are two different individuals.

      The interesting phenomena of that era is the domination of kids born out of Msizi ritual as Kings. What was the significance in relation to new Kingdoms?

      Thank you very much for the artice

      Andile Hawes

      • ntuthukozwane

        AmaChunu are a combination of 8 tribes from which warriors were drawn and a central army structure was then created.

        All the nations were jointly called Bosia or Thembu-Sani or Msani or Esan in Nigeria where Chukwu is a surname that means great and is used to mean God, kind of like how we use Nkulu-nkulu. In fact, Chukwuchukwu means just that, Nkulunkulu.

        Mpondomise are Thembu-Dumisa or Thembu-Duma. Duma people are called Mthombeni or Gegana or Kwena in South Africa. They are also just called Mande Bele or Barolong/Bakolong Bereu. Duma = Tau = Ngonyama = Mbube = Bhubesi = Ndau = Ndyao = Yao = Nyawo = Nahor = Nachor = Nango = Gagu = Ngola as in Angola = Noa = Kua = Ngwa = Nako = Khathi = Gadi (we say Mngadi), who was a son of Israel or Jacob.

        The ruling house of Gaddi or Gad was called Guni (this is in the Book of Chronicles in the Bible, Douay Rheims 16th century edition not the new Bibles, they have been changed – download a copy from the Internet for free). Guni was actually a son of Naphtali, another son of Israel/Jacob. This is the Mnguni who all Southern Africans say they come from.

        GAD was a Levite or Priest tribe of the most High. His inheritance was in Heaven, thus the name Heaven = Zulu. The other Priest tribes were Ruben or Loben or Lovedu or Lufelo or Lubelo or Dube or Mbedu or Obed and
        SIMEON or Nzimakhwe or Zimbabwe or Nzwakele or Zimangele or Simelane. Both Simeon and Ruben were also sons of Israel.

        Together, they were called Zwane or Sarvia or Sarvani or Saphan or Shabane or Taphua or Shabangu or Sakabuli = Shaka-Phuthi or Sabia or Sabani or Sabela or Zela or Zerua or Zila or Zingelwayo or Zingelwane or Zingelela or Zingela or Sokhela or Shongwane or Hlongwane or Dlungwane or Kgolokwane or Nkulungwane or Zakwe. Other names include Isai or Yishai or Jesse or Tshezi or Shazi or Shai or Issachar (another tribe of Israel) or Dlezi or Buthelezi or Masinga or Masai or Masani or Ndlela or Sela or Manyelela and Ishaka, the name of the King Shaka who ruled over AmaZulu.

        ISHAKA was a tribe of Juda constituted as Thola or Thole or Zuza (Thola = Zuza in meaning, all Nzuza tribes in Africa have a synonym of Zuza as their name, e.g. Amukani etc.). The most common ancestor is also called Machi.

        Machir was a son of Manasse (another tribe of Israel) and a Syrian. Machi can also be written as Mane or Mangwe or Mango or Mbango or Bhengu or Pule or Pooe or Mbole or Mbuli or Mbingo or Mbinga or Mbai or Pai or Apphai or Mapai or Bhayi (as in Port Elizabeth = Bay and the origin of the English word Bay, AmaBhayi always lived close to the water and ran sea ports or amaChwebe, also where the word Gqunukhwebe came from) or Maphinga or MaZulu (ibinga = iZulu kwaZulu) or Mani or Miya or Mla(mbo) or Marhili or Makhili or Biya or Bangwe or Mpange. The Miya people are called AmaZizi and AmaZizi oNzuza abazalwa KwaZwane. Machir was the leader of Gad when the nation of Israel was marching into Chanaan. Gad was a warrior or army class of the Israelites. They made a pact with God and their brethren that they would protect their brothers to death.

        Bhala phansi izizwe ekuthiwa ezakwaMchunu lezi eziwu-9, then look up which surnames are linked to them and then you will see who made up this unit yakwaMngadi. MCHUNU people are not really related by blood but by affiliation and some are even related to other nations with surnames you would never put together unless you have gone over 100 family trees of different surnames and spent more than 10,000 hours reviewing this subject and also put ALL your trust in the one and only TRIUNE God.

        Overall, Issachar was one of the 3 tribes that made up the Judah nation when they entered Chanaan. Issachar was the only structure we used to “judge = ukuThonga” over the rest of the nation. What we now call Chiefs and the legal-governance structure. At the top of this structure sat amaXhosa or AmaKhoza or AmaGosa and then above them only, the King and his advisers. Issachar or Isaar was ruled by Chonenias which were Aaronites or offspring of the High Priest, Aaron. We call these people Kunene. The Xhosa King is Kunene, so is the Pondo and Swazi King. Makonnen is also the real surname of Haile Selassie. The latter is a honorific title like King Shaka. Selassie = Ndlelashe = Ndlangesi = Shangesi = Ntshangase.

      • ntuthukozwane

        If you read MaNdebele History. And Mandebele are all Zulu, they came from here. They say Dlomu came back to KZN. What they did not say was that Mabasa or Mabaso or Sibase or Tshivhase came with him. Together they were called Absalom bazalwa uMdolomba or Tolmai, King of Gessur or Gershon or Mgwezane of the race of Nzuza or Thola or Thwa or Swa or Ashur or Mashu or Thekua or Mandeku or Mathole or Sithole or Sothole or AbaThembu. They list the following Ndebele Groupings and where they ended up:

        1. Ndzudza or Nzuza – Mahlobo or Mgwezane = Amathole or Sithole or Amukani or Fumani = AbaThembu at large in both KZN and Eastern Caor but all provinces of Southern Africa. Some states in Mpumalanga to run the Mangwe house. This is the main house yakwaZulu = AmaZizi = Nongama = AmaZizi-Kama = Jele = Gumbi = Ngobe = Khuphe = Ngubo = Sibiya = Tshezi = Shai = Ishaka = Issachar. From Nzuza came oMrhetja = Mkhwela or Khela or Sokhela or Cela or Ceila or Celeti or Cele. Umrhetja = Cetshwa, kuze ubone ukuthi wayebusani uNkosi uCetshwayo or Cetshwane or Mcetshane or Mqekwane or Mxekwane etc. = Inkosi yamaZulu iphuma kwaNzuza. ONzuza abaningu bakhuluma isiSuthu sodwa and babehlala eJohannesburg before basuswe amaBhunu. That is why iJohannesburg ibiza ngo-Ndonga, Ziya Duma. ONzuza babizwa ngeZizwane or amaZizi ngoba bahlanganiss izizwe eziningi kakhulu phakathi kwazo.

        2. Mthombeni = Kekana or Gegana or Ngwenya or Kwena or Gona or Khona in SenzangaKHONA. These people are oCele, Mthiyane, Maluleka or Gcaleka and other Ndosi or Wahuma or WaThusi or Kumalo people. Mthombeni = Dombeni = Ndobeni = Ndubeni = Ndubile = Ndube – Ngwa = Dube Makua or AmaKua akwaDube. AmaKua oMncwango or Ngcwangu emlandweni wamaKhosi akwaXhosa. Abuse azibize ngoDuma. Emlandweni wakwaMlambo, uMLAMBO uzala UNgwenya (Mokwena) ozawa UDuma (Mthombeni) ozawa uMdolomba (Cebekhulu = Zwane). Emlandweni wakwaMkhwanazi uMdolomba uzala abakwaMkhwanazi. AbakwaMkhwanazi babizwa ngabaVanwa’Nathi emaTsongeni. AmaTsonga abizwa ngamaKua. MKHWANAZI = MAKUA-NYATHI OR MAKUA-NYAI. AbakwaMkhwanazi bathi uNdonga = Zwane.

        3. Mrhwaduba = Mlanga-Duba joined Pedi at Turfloop. Also can be written as Langa-Duma. So, in fact, abakwaZungu = ababhala ngoZwane abanye begala ngepeni (MthoBENI) are what you call Pedi or iZambezi or James or Mbhele or Mbili coupled with oMbhele labs abagcwele iNatal ne-Eastern Cape yonkana. RAWA OR Rawa or Raia in Hebrew, Sanskrit and Bantu = Sun or Lala or Lawa or Lawu or Lawi or Langa = sun or flames or Mlilo which is another word that was used for sun. Lawi as in Malawi. Rawa as in Marawa is a Zulu surname and the last rulers of India before being defeated by the Dutch and Portuguese. Most stay in Somalia and horn of Africa where we moved from to come down here.

        4. Litja and Mphafudi became Southern Sotho in Free State and Lesotho. Litja in Sesotho is pronounced Ditja and sometimes written that way as well. That is how you get Putha-DITJAba. You can also write it as Litha (meaning Light) or Ligwa (meaning light or sun) or Langa or Latha (which is an arm of Dlamini people most or whom identify as Zulu only) and are surnamed Fakude or Fakathi or Makhathi or Makhathini or Khathi or Qadi or Fulatha or Ephrata lo ozala UMashobane umfoka-Zwane. UFakude isizwe not a mere surname like Sibiya and Zwane are izizwe that is why they have more than 100 surnames linked to them each.

        5. Masombuka = Masoka and finally called themselves Sikhosana. Sikhosana = Singo-Sana where Singo are the Kings of the Venda and Sana or Swana or Swane are Thembu people also called Msane or Esan or Zwane. If Nyai can be written as Nyika then Sikho then becomes Soli or Soi (one half of SO-tho). So, Sikhosana becomes Soisana = Sosana = Shushwana = Zuzwana = SoTswana or Botswana. Asom is a son of Changamire or Jerameel or Jama a son of Juda according to the Christian Bible. The daughter of Jama was called Buna or Buka or Phunga or Phallu or Phalo or Baloi. Asom is Msomi or Soma or Zuma or Zima or Nzima (amaToyi), so Masombuka = NzimaBaloi or Somaphalo or Sobabalo or Solobabalo or Zolobabalon or Zorobabel, the tribe that made it back to Israel after Babylonian exile as leader. Masoka = MaTlokwa (in Bantu languages Hlo = So = Dlo = Holo = Huru = Khulu = Kholo = Dolo = Biya = Baki = Bani = Jolo = Zolo = Tolo = Zwa = Zawa = Eli = Le = Ngwe = Li – if you remove TLO in MaTlokwa and replace it with any of the syllables above, you will find South Africa surnames that tell you who is Tlokwa – who are Sotho. Many Tlokwa love in KZN as Zulus. Masoka people are also generally regarded as Swazi. Swazi is Zulu they come from the Ndwandwe who are Zulu.

        6. Manala or Mbuduma or Mputuma or Mpondomise – also called Mangala or Manganga or Makana or Mngwanya or Makwakwa or Qwaqwa or Gcugcwa or MaGwala or Malala (makuthiwa amaLala-Nguni) or Malanga or Marawa or Marawi or Malawi or Njeru or Njeri or Jwarha or Jwaha or Tshwala or Ntshanga – the Ndebele say they went back to KwaNoqoli or Koqoli. AmaPondomse aziwa kakhulu njengamaThembu namaZulu agcwele iKZN yonkana. From Manala then came Silamba = Sanimba or Sani-Pai = SanBa = Shaba = Mashaba, who come from Makwakwa.

        7. SIBASA – oSibase amaYirha or amaNyika or amaNyai or amaNyathi or amaNazi or Manahath. In the Bible, they are called Abigabaon or Ababaon or AbaPhallu. These were given to Saul by Samuel when he became King. They also were Priests or Levites who defected to King David when King Saul did what he did. Cyril Ramaphose is a Tshivhase because his Venda people are abaNdau or Tau who came from.Soshangane’s Gaza and therefore they came initially from KwaNongoma. So was HHP, may his soul RIP. I highlight these 2 because where they are from they are regarded as Venda and Tswana respectively. But they came from Soshangane who was a Nxumalo Zulu King and he came from Nongoma, the land of amaZizi or amaGwaza or Gaza or Gazu. Counted amongst oSibase are oZondi, amaGcina, oNgqika or Ngqayi or Mnqayi, Ramaphosa (LaMaPhosa = TaMaPhosa = Mlambo-Phosa, Sidamo = Esthamo = Mntambo = Mlambo = Mbambo = Miya-Mbo = Zizi-Mbo or Thembu-Zizi or Thembu-Didi or Thembu-Zelemu = Thembu-Salema). AmaBheka = AmaPhale = Mbali = Pai = MaMbai = Mambinga = MaZulu = Mabhena. AmaNdebele say oSibasa joined the Venda. That is history folks.

        UShaka wayebusa amaNdebele. Umhlanga literally = UmShaka in Bantu. It is these same Ndebele who live in different parts of Africa as other people because of wars between the Zulu or Mande Bele.

        Side Note:
        AmaGcaleka amaKhosi akwaXhosa themselves say, 3 nations of them came down to South Africa. One was called Maliwa, the next Ndonga and the last S’phahla Phahla or Sibasa Basa. They say, Ndonga and S’phahla Phahla moved to KZN and became abakwaNtuli. ONtuli amaBhele azalwa kwaZwane. As explained, before oGcaleka babizwa ngoMaluleka or Ncalane or Wosiyane.

      • ntuthukozwane

        Forgot Dlomu or Dlomo who came back to KZN. In Ntombela lineage, uDlomo uzala uZwana. UDlomo = Somo = Shomo = Silomo = Nzobo = Dolomo = Dolomba = Cebekhulu. Around Empangeni kuyongena eNdlangubo, eSikhawini zonked izibongo eziphethe ezakwa-Zwane including Qwane because uKhuzwayo = Khuzwane = Khozwane = Sikhosana = Gumede = Mnguni = Qwabe.

        In West Africa, uMdolomba kuthiwa uDrogba. His tribe is called Wane or Ngwane. Look it up.

        Thembungwane = Bhungane = Phungane = Phalune = Baloi-ngwe (Ngwe = King) = Valone or Baloni or Baon = Maon (Aaron or the Bible and also a tribe or Hebron or KariaTHARBA. Bhungane = Bunane = Mbonani = Bonane = Bone = Bongwe (son of Mrhetja of the Nzuza clan) = Mbonani = Mbonambi = Mbonambya = Mbonambithi (That is why the Zwane people called their town Mnambithi and there are Sibiya people in Zimbabwe North called Nambya who the Tsonga Valoi say they come from) Lesi isizwe esabisuswa uMbuyazi (not his name but an honorific title for their king and a verbal libation for their people) before he challenged King Cetshwayo for Zulu Kingdom. This nation is what is now called Xhosa or Ela or Maoela or Mawela or Khoza or Khosa or Khoseni. The Gcaleka King’s Mbonginsaid at his coronation a few years ago that they are blood-related to the Zulu King. Both of them are sons of Mpande. Mbonambi people are the bulk of Sothos and Xhosas in this country. Their towns became very poor after they abdicated and fled war.

  4. Mnce

    Thanks gentlemen. Keep it up with the good work. Mna ke ndingu Goqolo, Mabhengu, Teni, Tshengezana, Tshevula, Ngwane. I have read all the books mentioned above except History of the Basotho by Ellenberger. Please advise, how can I get the book written by Ellenberger?



  5. Jabulani

    Sanibonani. I am trying to understand the linkage between Mnguni , Mchunu and Ndima

  6. manqoba Mchunu

    Siyabonga Macigwane. Igama uManqoba Mchunu okhulele egoli kodwa u baba wazaledla emsinga EmaChunwini wakhulela E-scote and moved to Katlehong Gauteng after the death of his father to work for his family. I would like to share what I have been thought by my Father.
    Macigwane, Nyanda yonkanto, Jama Kanslwame, Yeyese, Yise Wasemngeni, Wena Owanyathela ukudla kudliwe, Ndabezitha,

  7. Andile Maxwell Hawes

    ngicela ukwazi ukuba uDlamini ozala uLatha ukuba uphumaphiyena ezala uZulu yena azale uMashwabada, unceka, uNtshawe noDadaengathi bazathakazela bathi Sidwabasiluthuli

  8. Mina nging’uNdaba shibase Bhadela. Mntungwa kodwa isbongo nguPhakade

  9. Sanibonani nonke bakwethu

    Ngizoqala ngibonge kakhulu kuMbathastan ngokunakekela inkundla ebaluleke ngaloluhlobo; futhi angibonge nakubafowethu nodadewethu, nabazali bethu ngokunikela ngolwazi kulesigcawu esihle kangaka.

    Mina nginguMajola, omkhulu bami badabuka eXopo, kwaNokweja (KZN Midlands). IsiZulu yilona limi engiluncele ebeleni, kodwa uma (if) abadala bexoxa umlando, kuyavela ukuthi ukhokho (grand-grandfather) wayesithetha isiXhosa, bese ngidideka lapho-ke. Kodwa nje ubaba ongizalayo wayekhuluma isiZulu esome geqe futhi wayethi thina singamaZulu.

    Manje lento iyangihlupha emoyeni ngoba phela njengoba sazi-ke songe ndlu kaNtu ukuthi uma kwenziwa umsebenzi wabantu abadala kuye kusetshenziswe izithakazelo, futhi-ke uma (if) kuziwa ngasesilwaneni okumele sisetshenziswe: kwaXhosa kusetshenziswa imvu (sheep), kanti kwaZulu – imbuzi.

    Okunye engikukhumbulayo, wukuthi ubaba wayethakazela athi: β€œNina enihlamba ngobubende, abafokazana behlamba ngamanzi…”. Ekhaya sikhule silulekwa ngokuthi thina bakwaMajola asilidli igazi lesilwane (i.e. lokhu okuthiwa yiqobelo = igazi lembuzi/nkomo, etc. eliphekwa lixutshwe namaqatha enyama yangaphakathi). Futhi kwakunesisho sasekhaya kwaMajola esasithi umuntu wakwaMajola akayibhemi insangu, ngoba iyamala (allergic) kangangokuba angahlanya imbala. Nogwayi (cigarette) lo sawuzama nabafowethu wasehlula, kanti-ke nje angimkhumbuli umuntu wakwaMajola/Mchunu obhema into eshunqayo, nokwenzayo kuvame ukuthi kubonakale izimpawu zokuhluleka (e.g. ukubhayiza, nokulutheka [addicted]);

    Kodwa-ke, okuyiyona ngqikithi yokubhala kwami kulenkundla, ngicela onolwazi angisize ngomlando wakithi, ngifuna ukuthola ukuthi ngingena kwaXhosa noma ngingena kwaZulu (Chunu) na?

  10. Nonkululeko Ngqulunga

    Siyabonga ngokusazisa imvelaphi yethu Singabase machunwin oNGQULUNGA yeyese phakade ongagugi

  11. Freddy Mchunu.

    Ngiyazibongela ngencazelo osinike yona ,izithakazelo aze zibalulekile ukuze sifundise nezingane zethu.

  12. Fikisile

    Fikisile Mabaso (uMaMchunu)
    Ngiyabonga nonke bondabezitha. Ngakhala mina ngishintsha isibongo and namanje akwehli kahle. Ngiyasithanda isibongo sami and mina ngibona sihlukile sonke thina bakwaMchunu (unique) Ngiyanithanda nonke Macingwane amahle. Ngijabulela ukuzwana kwethu uma sibonana noma singazani……….

  13. Thanks guys for the good job you have undertaken. It is highly appreciated. I would like Mr Jama kaDlamini II to forward his contact numbers to me.

  14. Ngyaziqhenya ngomacingwane ncono sengiyazi ngemvelaphi yami iam proud of my surname ngiyanithanda nonke bo macingwane

  15. Nonhlahla Mchunu

    Syabonga ngezithakazelo zasekhaya oh maybe kodwa sinolaka singoYeyesa kodwa mhlampe asifani zingane zakwethu

  16. mthabiseni khoza

    Ngbingele bengcel ningphe ithakazelo zaka Khoza ngyazaz kancane ay zonke,ngzaz lana, khoza ogumende otshamanzi nina bakwa Mzicela nina bakwa mlamlankunz nina bakwa mkhathini ongabonwa obonwa izinkonjane kphel nina bakwa malebe egwevu nina enimhloph ngenhliziyo njengeqwa nanjengoswayi,ngzaz laph kphel

  17. I wish I could have contact details of Jama kaDlamini II, I am from the Goqolo clan ( Mabhengu, Ngwane)

  18. sibongiseni Mchunu

    Syabonga ukusazisa ngemvelaphi yethu Machunu ngoba Mina Nje bengingayazi .kuyasiza lokhu ukuthizazi nezibongo ohlobene nazo ngaze kwenzeke okubi kuganane abantu bandawonye.niqhubeke nokusikhulisa ngemvelaphi.Ngyabonga

  19. Izibongo zikaMacingwane zithi zipholumeva olwahlaba umkhwekazi kuleyondawo.Ezika Phakade ,uphakade akagugi ithole elehla ngamandla ekwehleleni alngesaba kulimala . Sibonge kuwe Melisizwe muhle umlando osilethela wona , sekukuthina ukuwugcina . NYANDA ,YEYESA

    • Awungisize Nyandayeminkonto, ungiphe I source lapho uthole khona izibongo zika Macingwane kanye no Phakade.

      Ngiyabonga Phakade

      • Cingangwane

        kukhina obaba nabafowethu abazaziyo, inkinga isikhathi siba sincane uma nginabo , sijwayele ukuhlangana kunemicimbi ,kodwa ukuzithola ngobuningi bazo ungashayela kulenombolo 0793262087 (Buhle Mchunu)

      • mfanelo01

        Ngixolise ukuphuza kangaka ukuphendula mfwethu , Cha ngiye ngizithole ekhaya kubafwethu abahlala esigodlweni neNkosi (emachunwini) kodwa mina angikho eduze kwayo .
        uma . ngisazobabuza ukuthi zithini sezizonke

  20. Ndabezitha ,ngiyezwa Melisizwe , siyabonga Phakade engathi singakubeka lokhu emiqondweni yethu ukuze sikwazi ukukudlulisa nasezinganeni , engicela ukucaciseleka kukhona ukuthi : njengoba uPhakade ngokuzwa kwami kuthiwa uyena owasuka eNkandla waya eMsinga kwasekwenzenjani ngoba uyena uwavusa ubukhosi sebufadalala ngenkathi uMacingwane engasabonakali nanokuthi ngiye ngizwe kuthiwa likhona iliba ( ithuna) likaMacingwane eNkandla , lapho abathi uma aMachunu eya khona kuvele kuphume imamba eluhlaza ikhuphuke ngesihlahla somupentshisi bese beyakhothama maqede yehle .YEYESA

  21. Macingwane o Lembethe bona bangena kanjani emaMchunwini?? ngezwa kuthiwa nabo abakithi, kuthiwa kwenye yezindlu zakaMchunu kwazalwa umfana owaphuma embhethe kuthiwa babaza ogogo bathi hayi bo lembhethe ichunu sakheka kanjalo isibongo sakalembethe ngicela ulwazi uma kukhona onalo asicobele ngoba yinhle lenkundla ngokusichazela mina ngizalawa insinzwa kamaNtombela uGobile ugobe njengesikela yena ezalwa uMaphahla, uMaphahla ezalwa u Meke lonke loluzalo luphuma khona endlini yaseMsinga. Ngijabula nokuzwa ukuthi uZola owakithi insizwa esiyihlonipha kakhulu ngegalelo layo emphakathini futhi sengiziqhenya kakhulu uma sengazi ukuthi Inyanda yemikhonto lena. maMchunu Shezi Pietermaritzburg

  22. Sthembiso Mchunu


  23. Hay ndiyabulela Nina bakwa mchunu,nam ndingu Majola,umchunu,ungqulunga kodwa ndikhulele e maxhoseni e east London so ndiyavuya ukuva ngesiduko Sam kangaka.nabantwana bam dizotshe ndibachazele kakuhle.siyathanda kakhulu uku visiter e kzn every year but I m so great to hear these news.Raymond Xolani Majola,Cape Town.

  24. Themba Mchunu

    Likhona iChunu elingangisiza ngezibongelo zika Macingwane kanye no Phakade?

    • sibonelo mchunu

      jah ezikaPhakade ungazithola la kumina bhuti

  25. syabonga ko mchunu ndabezitha

  26. Lungelo Mchunu

    siyayabonga emachunwini amen

  27. Siphelele Mabutho Ngibe

    Mina nginesbongo esase Eastern Cape kodwa izithakazelo zami UMajola, Mchunu Macingwane Ngqulunga,Phakade,Ndabezitha… . Ngiyabona kemanje ukuth ngiphuma kuphi emthethwami. Mina ngidabuka Emzimkhulu. Futhi ngazi ukuth ubukhosi bamachunu kuke Msinga,Wasbank,Mooiriver,Nkandla nake Mzimkhulu

  28. Jama kaDlamini II

    Ngiyakubonga ngempendulo bhut’Stanley. Uqinisile kukho konke okushilo. Ngicela ukuchaza. Mina umlibo obhalwa ngubaba uSoga kanye neNkosana uPokwana ungishiya ngingenele ngezizathu zokuba kawuwavezi onke amaZizi esephelele. KunamaZizi akwa Ndzaba, Dlangathi, Shweme noma Limakho/Limakhwe, awakwaMfene lawa ekuchazwa ngawo ukuba ayendawakwaTenza aze afuduka eluThukela alibangisa eLesotho lapho alithola khona elobuMfene. Kukhona namaZizi akwaBhengu (uNonyathi, uKhatsini), nawakwaTshezi (uTenza, uMkhabela, uCitshane). Lomnombo ofaka noSibalukhulu awsivezeli baqhamukaphi laba bantu. OMiya baba amaZizi kanjani ngoba bethi bona nawuNdlangisa bazalwa uMzizi?

    Okunye futhi okuba yinkinge ukuthi ubunengi bezindlu zamaZizi kazithakazeli ngoKhuze noSibalukhulu. Ezibafakayo ngoNdlovu (bathatha izibongelo zaseNhlangwini eqinisweni) bese ke nesikaJama lesi esikhandwa la kwi internet, haha. Ngafunda uR.t. Kawa (Ibali Lamamfengu, 1929), owakeliZizi ngokwakhe. Ngabuya ngafunda uBryant (Olden Times in Natal) beno Ellenberger (History of Basotho). UEllenberger ubhala ngabeSotho afake ke namaZizi angamaMfene wakwaMalukazi kaTenza kaMadikane kaMhlwane kaGoqolo (oMabhengu, Ngwane). Ubuye akhulume ngamaPolane wakwaMafu, bese ke ebalise ngabePhuthi, esakwaba yisizwe eLesotho. Labafwethu laba bayayiphika into yokuthi thina sihlangene namaHlubi futhi sabe sikhuluma izilimi ezehlukile (basaligcinile elabo yize selachashazelwa iSesotho kakhulu). Bathi bona uLaake (Langa) uzalwa uDlamini. Umlibo oyichaza kahle lento yilona wababhali esengiba balule wena wasemaMbatheni, wena Sontshikazi omkhulu kamaDlamini. Ngicela ukuwubhala ngokukaKawa manje:

    Dlamini 1 (Matalatala)
    Mtiti 1 (Mzizi wokuqala)
    Miya noNdlangisa
    Ncwabe kaMiya
    Dlangathi noMhlwane (kuphuma amaMfene nabakwaTshezi, Saliwa, Mkhabele)
    Ndzaba kaDlangathi (uNdzaba nguMajozi, uMqhamo)
    Mzizi 2, Tolo/Dlangamandla (amawele) kanye nemfusi uShweme/Limakhwe. Kukhona amaZizi akwaMbona isibongo sengathi azalwa noDlamini 2 ngoba isithakazelo sabo sithi baduba ubukhosi.
    UMzizi 2 uDlamini 2 yena ozale kanje:
    Langa/Laake, uLamyeni, uNdlovu, uTenya kanye noJama.
    Njokweni 1 (kuphuma abaseSikhalweni kuye)
    Mkhawu/Mrhawu noMtshibe
    Njokweni noMsuthu (izindlu zasebukhosini eNgqushwa).

    Mkhuli (ngiyema)

    Laake/Langa ozala ubukhosi babePhuthi nabakwaMafu:

    Titi (uThokothoko lona)
    Moorosi (inkosi eyasiza inkosi uMoshoeshoe)
    Ntabuyenyuka (kangazi ukuyaphambili ukuthi balandelana kanjani)


    • Enkosi Zlzi elihle. May I have ur contact details so as to discuss more about various issues.
      076 364 3072

  29. Nkosiphendule Jama kaDlamini II

    Mbelebele, nxa ungu Tolo you then aren’t related to amaChunu. AmaTolo are the same as amaZizi. There are two lineages which we can trace uTolo, one from Soga, one from Ayliff and Whiteside which they collected from amakhosi wamaZizi (they gathered all abaMbo in the EC) in about 1835. Ngizoqala ngokaSoga:
    Tolo (iwele lika Zizi).
    I personally reject this one for various reasons. Here is the one I that is true.

    Tolo noMtiti (amawele) kunye noShweme/Limakho. UMtiti kaNgubondze uzele uDlamini 2 ozala thina ooJama, Lamyeni, Tenya, Ndlovu noLanga oseLesotho. So, there. We are still gathering the exact descendants of Tolo kaNgubondze.
    AmaTolo + amaZizi and abePhuthi (a branch of amaZizi) all descend from Mtiti 1/Mzizi 1, a descendant of Dlamini 1 (Matalatala) of amaLangeni in Swaziland.

  30. Jama kaDlamini II

    @Mbelebele: nakuwukuthi you are Tolo it means you originate where I originate. You are not part of amaChunu but part of amaZizi but amaTolo have since become independent. I am still researching on the exact lineage of Tolo but here is lineage. We have two conflicting ones, I will elaborate on the one I think is more correct after giving you umnombo ka Soga osetyenziswa nangu bhut’Stanley apha:
    Dlamini kaNdlovu uzele uSibalukhulu ozele uKhuze ozele uZizi kunye noTolo, amawele, kunye noMiya noNdlangisa amawele. (mna ndiyawuphika lona). Nawu endiwuphakamisayo:

    Mtiti II ozele uDlamini wesibini ozala oJama, Lamyeni, Langa, Ndlovu kunye noTenya. UMtiti/Mzizi lona wabe eliwele lika Tolo. Imfusi ibe nguShweme/Limakho.
    Nanko ke umnombo kaTolo.

    • Jama ka Dlamini ll

      Siyabonga Dlamini ukucacisa. Umlando usinika inking a vele ngoba wawuqhubeka ngezwi lomlomo kungabhalwa phansi endula. Isikhathi uma Siya amaphutha ayenzeka ugcine sewushintshile.

      Inking a enkulu ngukuthi abantu bakudala babe benezimfihlo. Uma abantu abanolwazi oluthe ukwehluka kulolu esilubhalile beqhubeka nokuveza olwabo, lokho kuyasikhulisa isizwe sika Dlamini.

    • Sonwabile Mbelebele

      ndiyabulela this info is really helpful and I really appreciate it

  31. Sonwabile Mbelebele

    can you please elaborate more about the Mbelebele lineage…
    my surname is Mbelebele and my clan name is Tolo,dlangamandla,mchenge,Zulu it’s a mfengu clan name. am doing research on its origin.

    • Nkosiphendule Jama kaDlamini II

      Mbelebele, nxa ungu Tolo you then aren’t related to amaChunu. AmaTolo are the same as amaZizi. There are two lineages which we can trace uTolo, one from Soga, one from Ayliff and Whiteside which they collected from amakhosi wamaZizi (they gathered all abaMbo in the EC) in about 1835. Ngizoqala ngokaSoga:
      Tolo (iwele lika Zizi).
      I personally reject this one for various reasons. Here is the one I that is true.

      Tolo noMtiti (amawele) kunye noShweme/Limakho. UMtiti kaNgubondze uzele uDlamini 2 ozala thina ooJama, Lamyeni, Tenya, Ndlovu noLanga oseLesotho. So, there. We are still gathering the exact descendants of Tolo kaNgubondze.
      AmaTolo and amaZizi descend from Mtiti 1 who is a descendant of Matalatala (Dlamini 1) of the Swatis.

  32. Bongumusa "Musa" Brian Majola

    ngejabula ngezincazelo zezibongo ikakhulu uMchunu noMajola khona abantu ababethanda ukungena phakathi kwethu engikuthandayo ukuthi umlando awuguquki uhlale umile nje

  33. Fanyana Mchunu

    Siyabonga Sisi melisizwe

    Ngizwa uthi oNgqulunga bazwalwa Kwa Mchunu, Mina gezwa abanye bethi ongqulunga bakhuselwa kwaMchunu.
    ngayikuphi okuyiqiniso.

  34. Ngicela izithakazelo zakwa Malaza nezakwaa Ngobeni

  35. Ngicela ukwazi izibongo nethakazelo zakwa ntumbe or ntumba

  36. Thulani "Sgidi" MCHUNU

    Ngisukuma nokuzibongela nami Machunu amahle. Ngiyojabula mangingathola umlando oveza inkosi yase Mooiriver eMdubuzweni, uPEWULA ukuth yena kulomlando uzalwa ubani azale obani kuze kube manje?

  37. philile

    Syabonga Macingwane sengizithole zonke ebengifuna ukuzazi

  38. Mthokozi Mchunu

    ndabezitha uyatholakala yini kuma social networks kunemibuzo enginayo ngesibongo sakithi emaChunwini

    • Yebo ngiyatholakala just google “Stanley Mbatha” or “Mbathastan”

  39. Ngicela izithakazelo zakwa Dlamini. – ngizwe kancane
    Dlamini Mntungwa Lokothwayo

    Ngicela nezithakazelo zakwa Malaza

    Ngicela nezakwa Ngubeni

  40. Vusmuzi Masilela

    Ngicela izithakazelo zesibongo sakwa Masilela

  41. Lindi Dlamini

    please help me, thina singoDlamini Shenge,Shenge kaNdaba,ngoMalandela,infolozi emnyama inketha baweli,umqenqom omuhle wasodungeni.
    Inzalo yethu kuthiwa eke Halimanzi (uma besho bathi amabhunu athi kuye haal jou mense and waai ( base bembiza ngokuthi Uhalimanzi.Ngokodabuka sidabuka eDlebe umndeni wase ukhakazeka ngaselo sikhathi.

    Iminyaka emningi besizinze eLenge saseMhlumayo in Ladysmith.

    • Fikile Noxolo Majola

      mina ngcela ukwazi ukt umajola nomchunu kuhlangana kanjani? nginokudideka nje ngba abanye bathi akuhlangani

      • Ayi chaaa Fikile unenkinga kuchazwe yonke into emlandweni ukuthi uMajola uzalwa inkosi uLubhoko inkingayabantu badidwa uMajola ukuthi uyatholakala nase Eastern Cape abantu ababalekela izimpilabo besuka kwaZulu bazebayofika eMpuma koloni/Eastern Cape

  42. Sbonelo Mchunu, Ezimpolombe

    Nakhanyisa nalokhu ubaba angazange angikhnyisele kukho macingwane sibonge ndabezitha sibonge mnguni waselangeni. ngisho ngoba manje siyalwa nabantu bakamajola siyabaphika kanti bazalwa kithi ekhaya, lokho kudalwa indlela okusabalala ngayo isibongo sakithi buka nje kwawakithi amaChunu akabizwa sidalo umajola uma sithakazela. ingabe lokho kulungile na?

  43. Buyi Mchunu

    Ngiyabonga Macingwane , Nyanda Ye Mikhonto, mina bengingazazi lutho ngezithakazelo bengazi uMacingwane, ngibonga nokwazi imvelaphi yama Chunu, kanye nokuhlabana no Majola, mina ngila eGoli, ngiyawathanda amaChunu onke.

  44. Xolani Mchunu

    Kumnandi ukuba ngowakwaMchunu

  45. lungisani Mchunu

    Hay siyabonga kuvuleke amehlo

    • zandile nothy mchunu

      cha nami ngibonge kakhulu ngiyntombi yakomacingwane kodwa angeneliseki ngba kukhna izithakazelo engingaziboni laph ezith mangun amahle ngabe zishoneph?
      Nawe unelungelo lokugcwalisela ozaziyo.

  46. bongiwe mchunu

    Nami ngiyabonga ukuthola ulwazi ngesibongo sami kodwa ngeshwa angicaciseleki kahlehle ngikhule ngazi ukuthi ngingu mchunu macingwane nyanda yemikhonto kuze kube manje angazi ukuthi kuthiwani emva kwa lokho kodwa manje sengiyaza ngyabonga isandla sedlula ikhanda ngenikwenze kimi

  47. moseszondi

    Ngicela izithakazelo zesbongo saka Zondi

  48. Ngibonge kakhulu nina boNyanda yemikhonto ngokungincelisa ngokuzalwa ngiseGoli (Bonginkosi Thuthukani Ka Dlamini) ubaba uzalwa eLenge eMsinga emaChunwini ngingulo enimazi ngo Zolaseven

    • Siyabonga ukuba wusizo, futhi kusinika umfutho ukuvakashelwa abantu abafana nawe kule ‘site’ kwazise silazi kakhulu iqhaza olibambile ukuthuthukisa umphakathi.


  49. melisizwe Mchunu

    ukuze kuthiwa bangabakwaMchunu nje kungoba bedatshulwa nguMchunu, indoda eyayiphila ngezikhathi zoMalandela, kodwa thina sibathathe kuMavovo owazala uNyanda.
    Ukwelamana kwabakwaMchunu, UMavovo uzale uNyanda owazala uLubhoko (Dubandlela) ULubhoko wazala amadodana amaningi amanye wawo abalwawo uJama, uMajola, uDladlama, uNtube, uNontshinga, uNcasanga, uNgqulunga noGama wakwaMchunu.
    uJama ufakwa ekuthakazelweni ebongwa Ngokuzala intsizwa uMacingwane (waseNgonyameni) eyaba neqaza elikhulu eMachunwini. uMacingwane wazala uNtsundu, uMfusi, uGandeduze, uNdabezimbi. uMqanyana, uPhezulu, uNyoni kanye NoPhakade,
    uPhakade kuveza wayeyiqhathanzipho njengo wayengagugi kwakuze kuguge izingane zakhe ngoba wayesaqine eqine okwebhungu wayeneqwaba yomakoti Nezingane, yingakho ekuthakazelweni abakwaMchunu.
    UMfusi yena wazala uZimema owazala uMmeli OGabangaye noMbelembe kuthiwa bagugabedlula uyise. UPhakade uzale uGabangaye noMbelebele kanye nabanye. UGabangaye wazala uSilwane, uNgomane nabanye. uSilwane yena wazala uMzochithwayo, nabanye. UMzochithwayo yena wazala uSimakade, nabanye.
    Abantu bakwaMchunu bangaMaNguni ngenxa yolimi abalukhulumayo Lokhu sikuthatha ekutheni imvelaphi yabantu balezi zibongo iseNingizimu yeNtilasifali Mpumalanga.
    Enzalweni yamaNguni kukhona azibiza ngokuthi bangamaNguni angamaDebe. amaNguni angamalala kanye namaNguni angabaMbo, oNdlovu kanye nabanye. njengabantu oKhumalo, noQwabe nezinye izibongo abakwaZulu.
    Kodwa lapho abakwaMchunu sibathola sebezinze khona ekufikeni kwabo lakwaZulu, kwakuphakathi kweThalaneni eNkandla kanye noMzinyathi. Kuthi omakhelwane babo ngaseMpumalanga kwakungaMabomvu kanye nabaseMbo, kanti ngaseNtshonalanga kwakungabaThembu.
    Ukuqinisa ukuthi abantu baseMachunwini babakhelane nabaseMbo sizokhumbula ukuthi kwathi ngesinye isikhathi abantu baseMbo(abakwaMkhize) beneNkosi yabo uMavovo, naseMaChunwini babenoMavovo nakhona.
    Kwaduka intombi yaseMabomvini eyayiyogana uMavovo waseMbo kodwa yahlangana noMavovo waseMachunwinini, waseyikhohlisa intombi wathi nguyena uMavovo kodwa uMakhelwane wakhe nguMavovana.
    Okwathi esekuzwa lokhu omunye uMavovo, wahlomisa impi ukuba iyolanda lentombi Nangempela yalandwa, yalethwa kuMavovo wakwaMkhize.
    Izintombi zaseMachunu azigani kwaMajola nakwaNdlela ngoba laba baphuma khona emaChunwini. Mcumane, Ndawonde ezinye izibongo ezibalwayo ukuthi ziyadlelana nabaseMachunwini kodwa kune Nkulumo mpikiswano ngalokho.
    AbaseMachunwini bazalana nabakwaNdlela, Ndima Lembede. Kuhambe kwahamba abantu bakwaNdlela sebebuswa nguLembede baxabana nabakwaMchunu. KwaMchunu kwase kubusa uLubhoko.
    Baze basuka bayokwa kwaNtabankulu ngaseMthonjeni weMfolozi emnyama, besuka eSikhaleni Sebomvu. Ngesikhathi abantu bakaLembede bebalekela uLubhoko
    uLembede wasala esebulewe base babekisa ngesihlahla esithize ukuthi wangcwatshwa kuphi. Leso sihlahla kuze kube namuhla kuthiwa yisihlahla sikaLembede.
    Ngesikhathi sokubusa kukaDingiswayo kwaMthethwa yilapho isizwe sakwaMchunu sagqama khona kuze kufike esikhathi sokubusa kweLembe (uShaka). Isizwe sakwaMchunu ngaleso sikhathi sabe sibuswa nguMacingwane. Umuzi kaMacingwane wawuphezulu kweThala echaza ukuthi uyiNkosi enkulu ngaphezu kwawo wonke amakhosi akhelane nawo.
    uMacingwane wakha ihlalankosi aliqamba ngokuthi kuseNgonyameni, Ngakho wayezibiza nguBhubesi loqobo Lokhu yikho okwamfakela esikhulu isigcwagcwa kuDingiswayo kanye noShaka.
    Phela ngaleso sikhathi uDingiswayo wayeqala umsebenzi wokuhlasela izizwe, ayezinqoba zaziba ngaphansi kombuso wakhe.Umuntu owawuqedelela lowo msebenzi nguShaka, ngoba uDingiswayo wayesekhotheme, yingakho phela kukhona isizwe samaZulu namuhla. Owaqala umsebenzi wokusakha kwa kunguDingiswayo kaJobe.
    Kuthiwa uMacingwane wamhlupha kakhulu uMpongo kaZingelwayo wakwaNdlovu waze wabaleka wayozinikela kuZihlandlo wakwaMkhize owaze wamkhoselisa naye ethembe uShaka okwakungumhlobo wakhe omkhulu.
    ekuhlaseleni kukaShaka bahlakazeka abantu bakwaMchunu abanye balishiya elendabuko yabo. Bahamba bayohlala oThukela, abanye abahamba bagcina bakha naseNtshonalanga kapa lapho uthola abantu bengoMacingwane.
    ngoba ushaka wayeneNgalo elide eyayifinyelelele kwazuluNatal wonkana wenza imizamo yokufuna uMacingwane Kodwa wahluleka.
    uMacingwane wahlala ezindaweni ezahlukene zesifundazwe sakwaZulu-natal ngokucashela uShaka. Kunokuvela izinkulumo mpikisano zokuthi kunokushiwo ukuthi uMacingwane wagcina Lapha esedliwa amazimzimu kanyei ukuthi uMacingwane washonela eSandlwane ehamba namangisi elwisa wona.
    AmaChunu asinda ekuhlaselweni kaShaka aphindela kwelendabuko yabo sekubusa uPhakade eyobuyisa ubukhosi baseMachunwini. Njengoba sesa khothama isilo saseMgungundlovu uDingane kaSenzangakhona. Sekubusa uMpande kaSenzangakhona owehlula uNdaba. wenqaba ukuhlobo uphakade nompande lapho izinto zazishubile kodwa ekugcineni kwaba noxlolo
    Abantu bakwaMchunu sebeyisizwe esikhulu kakhulukazi eMsinga, nakwezinye izindawo zesifubazwe sakwaZulu-natal zikhona izinsalela laphaya eNkandla zaseMachunwini.
    Mchunu, Majola,kladu, ngomane, Macingwane Wena wase Ngonyameni, Nyanda Yemkhonto Jama kaLubhoko, yeyesa kaMvumbi Phakade akagugi gugabafokazane, Wena kano Gida ngo Bambo Ezinye izintombi zigida ngomshayelo, Ndabezitha!

    • Siyabonga Macingwane uMelisizwe ngempela. Kuhle ukuthi ulwazi onalo ulusabalalise ukuze izizukulwane ezizayo zingeke zilahleke. Nathi lapha siqoqe ulwazi esiluthola esidlangalaleni. Ukuba yinjabulo enkulu Uma kuvela abanikazi besibongo becacisa noma begcwalisela

      Umsebenzi njalo Ndabezitha!


        Siyabonga Macingwane ngolwaz osipha lona,uma kukhona ofuna olunye ulwazi akothenga incwadi esihloko sayi sithi “UPKHOKO” iyatholakala emtapweni wolwazi(LIBRARIES).Unwele olude kubobonke oMacingwane

    • Nokuphila Majola

      Thank You bhut bengfuna ukwazi ukuhlobana kukaMchunu noMajola.

      • lucky

        uMajola,uNgqulunga. nabanye bazalwa uLubhoko wakwaMchunu

    • Ceezar

      Ndabezitha! usiMelile-isizwe sikaMchunu

      Waze wayilamula lendaba. Yingakho singazani kanje. Kodwa emvakwa la akusekho ukudideka ukuthi uMchunu no Majola oba. Syabonga baba kakhulu. Melisizwe Mchunu uyatholakala kuma social network baba?

    • Mabutho Mchunu

      Ndabezitha ngyabonga wayichaza yazwakala kalula nkosi ngifisa ukwazi ukuthi Mangaki kanti akuphi onke amakhosi aseMachunwini

    • Sibonelo Mchunu

      Kuyisifiso sami ukuba nawe Melisizwe kuzobhungwa ngalomlando wesizwe sakithi ngoba kukhulu ukudideka esinakho siyinzalo ka Mchunu, siqukethe imilando engafani sisodwa Ndabezitha

    • Kwamnandi ukufunda lomlando , manje siyathola ukuthi uPhakade uyena akawela waya eMsinga kungabe wayelishiyiswa yini elaseNkandla njengoba asebenza kangaka ukubuyisa ubukhosi . Ndabezitha

    • Thembeka


    • Nhlakanipho Mchunu

      siyabonga Chunu oluhle

  50. Msizi

    Sekuphelele njalo ngezithakazelo zakwamchunu noma kukhona ezifihliwe?

    • Msizi;
      Izithakazelo nezithopho aziphekele kwazise umndeni nomndeni ubuye ufake ezawo ngqo. Lapha sifake ezaziwayo kanye namakhosi ngoba umlando ulandeleka kalula ngawo.

    • nami angtholi kahle izithakazelo ezincane kanjena seziphelile noma zifihliwe ezinye? kanti futh abakwa ndawonde nahlobene ngani namachunu ojama kasjadu yeyesa ay ngiyama la nenkoc ayqedwa

      • Add mchunu

        Jama kaslwane my caster

    • positive


  51. Jack Mzimbhili Labase

    Ndawonde is related to Zitha Labase Jwara and Mbongwa. They settle in Msinga after they have separated from the family and subsiquently made contact with Mchunu but there is no Blood relatioship. Hence there is absolutely nothing that has been mentioned that include uNdawonde in the History kaMchunu nor ithakazelo zabo.

    • Mpums Ndawonde

      Uqinisile Labase, asihlobene nhlobo nabakwa Mchunu. Engikwaziyo ukuthi ngezikhathi zakudala babeganisela oNdawonde no Mchunu full stop.

      • Jack Mzimbhili Labase

        Injalo lendaba zalo, just that abantu bakwaNdawonde bayathanda ukuthi bayahlobana noMchunu but they future no where kwithakazelo nomlando wabo, ubuhlobo obunjani lobo? No one can devorce uNdawonde from Labase and Zitha because even the Zitha people in Zimbabwe do state that bona ba ngoNdawonde and Labase, remember that they left Natal with Mzilikazi in the 1800’s, so they still have the original version than people in KZN who have been diluted through merging and paying tribute to other clans like Mchunu etc.

      • ntuthukozwane

        Guys, please seek family trees before ruling out surnames. Our history is much more complicated than what we currently know. I m always shocked when people want to make quick inferences about who you related to. ONdawonde oJamela or Nzamela or Dlamela or Dlambela or Hlambela or Hlambane or Sambane or Sabane or Shabane or Sabela or Shabela or Shambela or Shamela or Samane or Thamela or Ntambela or Ntombela or Mathabela or Tabane (abeSuthu oDube, Mbuyisa, Mbuyazi, Msimango, Hlengwa, Mabasa, S’phahla Phahla, Ndlovu, Ngcobo = Vanwa’Nathi or Mkhwanazi = Khohlo lakwaGcaleka (Kings of Xhosa = Qwabe) or Njela or Ndlela or Jera, includes Bakgatla/Mpangalala – a Sibiya clan. They also include uPhunga lo wakwa Zulu – UJamela through his mother, I think. UMlambo = most of East Cape and Pondo and Sothos call him Molapo/Lamula, Masomi and the combine clan of Masomi + Buka Masombuka/Masoka/Masalo/Masao, Mbonambi and Achia or Akhiya or Akhani or MaChiya = Mangidi or Jiyane or Machwa or Mchwayo.

        Most Jamelas answer to Mbai or Pai or Bhayi or Mkabayi or Ncaphayi like AmaBhaca (agcwele amaJamela – ONdawonde/Nyawuza or Nyawo = Dumakude (AmaPondo namaHlubi akwaNdlela = Mkhize and other Khahlamba Zulu-Sothos including the Sothos of the Free State and Lesotho) or Ndyao or Ndau (AmaVenda) or Ndawo or the Yao people of Tanzania and Mozambique who are Muslim and have been blowing up Northern Mozambique for the past 2 years.

        Jamela/Yamela/Lamela/Daman/Laman = Jamane = Jama = Ndawonde include oSibande, Jwara, Mgwaba, Mgaba, Cele, Gigaba, Gumede, Mnguni. The Pai are Pedi and most Zulus have some Pai in them. That is why you have Mbatha = Mbai + Thwa people. So, you cannot be shocked if Duma isithakazelo sakwa Mbatha since the name Mbatha says they are part Thwa/Twa people. This is the same Jama who mixed with Mthania or Mthiya (same thing) to produce Senzangakhona. In Namibia, Gqunukhoen are called Daman or Damara (called Thamaga with the Tswanas and called Gqunukhwebe by the Xhosas and the real Khoikhoi or Ngungu or Nkukhu (koNtuli).

        In these lineages sometimes the same person is called different names and sometimes you will find that name by researching a seemingly unconnected surname. Case in point is Linda (Zwane or Mpondo – the Mpondo are convinced its a different one but I can assure you the praise names are the same = Mbhele or Mbeje/Mbhehe) = Zimba (Zimbabwe and Zambia Pedi people, Pedi people = Molapo or Mlambo) = Nzima (Mabolo or Mabhulu or Mapondo and also Mozambikhwe and Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe/Nzimakhwe and Mozambikhwe is essentially the same name, they both mean place of stone builders) = Zitha (Jamela or Ndawonde) = mZila = Ziba (Zungu)/Tiba/Tuba (Myeki/Myeni = Zwa (in Zwane = Nzakele) = Zala = Zaya/Zaye (like the country DRC, spelt as Zaire in French) = Jaya = Daya/Dala/Dla. Most lineages are lineages of the same people. We are truly one.

        Instead of rejecting it, why not follow up on the surname. I use the and I also google “Umlando wakwa …” and I get a good idea of what is true or not. Then I read up whatever they say the family tree and I pray to the one true Almighty God for guidance. You cannot deny that this is a spiritual walk.

        All of the above i just wrote about come from UZwane or Dzonga or Tonga or Ludvonga or Zingelwayo or Zelwa or Zela. Some “surnames” do not show ethnic or blood relations but the people who can occupy a position given by that status. A case in point is Zwane/Zwana. There are 5 major superclan structures that Zwane is the chief house. This does not mean they they were related because oZwane noSibiya are the same people so, you will get Nandi wakwa Bhebhe, ozalwa kwaZungu abahlala kwaQwabe ababehlala KwaMthethwa (also a political body more than a relation surname – abaFokeng or Mfengu or Mfuyi as amaNtungwa aseBotswana esho, so they can be mistaken for other people kodwa bona abakwaDlomo. Do you see the problem? What makes it worse is bangakanani abantu abehla ngomzungulu? Mzungulu = Mzungu = Msuku = Mnduku = Mbai or Nkwali or Gwayi or Mkwayi or Ngai or Khayi or Kgadi or Khali or Pai or Mbali (where the world Kimberley or originally Kimbali comes from – look it up, they both mean the same thing). In fact, oJamela themselves fall under Dlomo. It’s confusing aint it?

        But we used to understand it very easily until we were diluted with this schooling system we have. You need a sober and open to learning mindset when approaching our history.

      • ntuthukozwane

        So, let’s take UChunu (the real surname is Chunu (the “M-” means “person of the tribe of”) = Chu = Ngu and Nu = Ngu = Chuku = Ngungu = Khoikhoi = Koko = Nkomonkomo = Gombegombe = Ngobengobe = Nobhenguno (Cf. Lobengula and who he ruled over in North West = Mdletshe-Zwane group in Rustenburg and Phokeng, Mzilikazi set up this polity there himself) Nkungu = Nkongo = Nungu = Nuku = Gono = Ngono = Pai or Kamba people of Southeastern Bantu = Mkabayi = Shaka’s aunt and co-ruler with him, who was based eBaQulusini with Mdletshe the main army chiefs = all baseNyandeni yoPhahla = Zwane) above siluhlaziye:

        From my post below, you will see that Jamela = Jamane = Dlamane = Dlamini = Sambane = Shabane = Sabane = Shabangwe = Mhlabane or Mathabela or Tabane = Daman (Gqunukhwebe/Gqunukhwen/Thamaga – Sotho) = Jama (THE Jama wakwaZulu). These are who we come from as both Mashobane/Hlongwa/BaTlokwa and Mpangalala/Bakgatla/Vanwa’Nathi/Mkhwanazi. You will learn a lot about Zulus by studying Venda, Tsonga, Sotho, Tswana, Namibian, Kenyan, Rwandan etc. heritage because that’s where your relatives are. From above, Jama already makes you related as Jama and Jamela is the same tribe. To show that we are truly Khoikhoi, Jama = Gama = Nyama = Nama = Lama (for our Ndebele peeps) = buck, meat or black.

        So, Jama KaSilwane, Silwane is the Ngcobo-Dube polity (including Masimula/Moshimane/Mbuyisa, Mabasa, VhaHlenge/Hlengwa/Nhleka/Seka/Sengwa/Sengala/Dlomo people.) So, it is Jaman – there alone is a relation. Silwane itself is made of Silo/Nsele/Nsela/Ndlela/Manyelela people = Zulu-Sothos occupying the highlands of South Africa = AmaHlubi + Wane = Zwane/Ngwane/Donga/Zingelwayo people. ODube bazibiza ngoSilwane. ONgcobo baphuma ebukhosini bakwaHlubi and they are mostly in KZN and Eastern Cape but also in the rest of the country. ONgcobo amaHlubi akwaShabalala. UNdonga/Hlubi/Zwane/Mangwe bahlukene kathathu = Ndlela, Ngwane and Shabalala. Same tribes, different alignment and “relations”.

        Macingwane = Machi + Ngwane. Machi = Nzimakhwe = Mhlaba-nani = Shaba = Saba (that’s what Chi means in Swahili, Mhlaba), Ngwane = Langa = Lala, therefore uMchunu = Shabalala.

        The last one is, uma ulandela ifamily tree yasePhahleni or Mabasa/Vhahlenge/Hlengwa or Nyandeni Khumalo, UNgonyama is the predecessor of amaNyanda asePhahleni. OPhahleni usuke ukhuluma ngalabo ababizwa ngoHlengwa abaziswayo ngo Vhahlenge or Mabasa emaShanganeni naseMaTsongeni eMozambikhwe. EmaShanganeni UHlengwa uyiShangane or Tsonga etc. We are 1 people. We will know history only by analyzing all histories and combining them, then you get a good picture. So, Wena wase Ngonyameni, tells me all you need to know about Mchunu being a Jamela-Ndawonde person. In Mozambikhwe, they swear that Ndawonde is a Tsonga. but Tsonga are Shangaan who come from Zululand, all of them.

        Nabo benza okufana nawe by assuming that Hlengwa people are not Jamela people when they clearly are. When I was young my grandfather said to me: We are not from here!!! Kwaku Khona eMandulo. We live here now, but we came from somewhere else.

        oTshabalala also go by the name Mshengu = Mfengu = Mfule (so many Zwanes in Mfulo Gauteng) = Mfokeng or Bafokeng and also by the name Chagwe = Chewa (as in the Chewa of Tanzania-Malawi and Zambia-Zimbabwe-Mozambique or Khela or Nzuza people or Mphankomo or Pokomo) = Ncwane (Zungu house). UShaka wabusa noShabalala because they bore his grandmother.

        • Andile Hawes

          Ntuthuko ,

          Ngicela ucacise ukuthi uNgcobo -Dube ngabe kuvekaphi ukuthi bavela kumaHlubi ngoba amahlubi abe eyimiHuhu kudala. Ungcobo naye uvele ngenkathi kuhlakazeka umbuso kaTondo. Omachi behla ngomzungulu entabeni kwaGoba bahamba noMsuthu lo ozala amsNzimakhwe.

          Nojabula ukuthola ingcaciso.

      • ntuthukozwane

        Andile Hawes. uHawes = Lawu (Hawu = Jeru = Njeri = Haye = Hai = Magaye = Magalela =Malandela) = Lawi = Lai = Linga/Malinga = Makua = Makhwa = Manga. AmaKua amaThethe or amaThethwa who King Shaka used to build his Zulu Kingdom and also anesizinza eMozambique, back when Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania was one country with one central authority linked to the Zulu. (Sulawesi/Suhawesi = Celebe = Hadebe or Cengebe = Qegebe = Hegebe = Hembe = Mphembe = Bhebhe/Phephe = Songo/Zungu/Zulu/Suku/Pai/Bhayi = Gusi = Nkosi = Seleka Ndebele or Barolong Sothos or Mhlongo people. King Shaka’s Mom was from the Bebe tribe, she was called Nandi or Toti or Ndwandwe or Ntande, owaseLangeni.)

        So, the people of Malawi are the same as the Pondo/Putu people who make up the Zulus and pretty much the whole of Africa. That is one way of looking at it. AmaMbo/Ngwe/Nkosi which is what amaLala are called in the whole of Africa are also called iMbuduma or Phuthuma or Mpondoma = Nala Ndebele = Dlomo = Swazi = Hlubi. Anyone who is Swazi is automatically Sotho and automatically Hlubi, by construct/birth. They are also Mpondo and Shangaan, Venda and all the groups of South Africa. There is no difference except what we chose to call ourselves and social stratification for reasons I cannot disclose.

        Another way to look at it, is that some of these groups have Hlubi just alone. These are the guys who call themselves Hlubi. You will then have Hlubi mixed with other Zulu groups such as AmaBhele and Amangwe. I am from the latter group. Most black tribes in Africa and the rest of the world live in sets of two tribes that can normally marry each other but have strong kinship ties and co-dependency. So, for instance, in Swaziland, the Dlaminis live with the Kunene-Zwane complex. The Dlaminis themselves come from the Mthethwa people. So, they are Zulu. The current Swaziland state and its seperation from Zululand happened in the last 100 years. Till today, a lot of Zulus have close relatives in Swaziland and WE ARE SWAZI!! look up how many Swazi Kings and Chiefs are in Zululand.

        Lastly, what can also help you is to stop thinking about this as Zulu, Xhosa or us separated by languages. Most black people speak multiple languages within the same family and ULTIMATELY we are the NGUNI Nation together. So, once you start thinking Nguni and looking which strictly NGUNI tribes exist then you will have your answer. For instance, the Vendas and Pedis have the same tribes (names and everything) and they live with Zulus in Limpompo but they say they are different because f languages. The tribes within Pedi and Venda are also the same tribes within Zulu and Xhosa. Cases in point are Pai or Mbai or Kamba or Mkabayi or Mamba or Bhayi people – these are people from Mbonambi and the Xhosa, Zulu and Venda and Pedi and Lesotho or Sotho Kings come from these people. UMkabayi was King Shaka’s aunt. What is the difference between Lobengula, Lovedu, Mbedu or Mbedwini or Dube people. These are the same tribes but Lobengula is taken to be the Tswana-speaking Zulus in Rustenberg in Phokeng and surrounds (Ndwandwe-Langa), Lovedu are both Venda and Pedi (Molapo or Mlambo or Sambo people), Dube (Zulu and Ndebele – I live in deep Zululand and there is a Dube Chiefdom – the main one in KZN just outside my township), Mbedu/Mbedwini = Qwabe/Makhanya/Mahaye/Magaye/Ngai/Khai – remember Xhosas live in CisKHAI and TransKHAI. Think of South Africa as split between Mthethwa people and Shaba/Xaba people.No language monikers. Burn them, then you will start seeing the truth.

        Trust in God, boet, oNgcobo were known as the first nation to bring Christianity to South Africa or adopt it and give up old satanic Zulu life. You should be proud of this and seek God with all your might and heart and HE will reveal all I am saying because people have taught us that we are all different. NOT SO. There are Xhosa towns within KZN and deep within Zululand! Why? The Xhosas in fact belong to Zululand. IGosa is a wise person/elder who can hear counsel from God. AmaGosa is a council of elders. AmaKxhosa/Xhosa/Khosan/Khoisan within uMgwezane/Mgozane/Mkhozane wakwaNzuza/Sokhulu or Izikhulu/Mzimkhulu – the big house of which is Ngwane or Nzwane or Zwana or Zwane or Ntwane or Tiwane or Ncwane – is the council of rulers of the Nguni people. We are Nguni, not just Zulu, Xhosa etc. Also, old school Zulu and Xhosa are identical. Xhosa seems like a version of Zulu or NGUNI to be NEUTRAL that some Zulus have stopped using due to forced learnings through the schooling system, amaWushe – OBiyela or Bilane or Vilane or Fiyane or Fangine or Mfangele or Mfengu or Bafikeng, and South Coast people still learn Xhosa and Zulu. To learn more about how we used to live, look up Borana-Oromo Gaada system and read up extensively about it. BUT, WITHOUT THE ONE TRUE TRIUNE GOD, IT WILL BE GIBBERISH TO YOU! It’s a spiritual thing and not really about acquiring knowledge.

        AmaGosa akwaZulu oMchunu/Gcuku, Cele (Ndosi or Dosini or Thusi or Ntose or Gwato = Kwena = Gegana/Kekana) , Bhengu, Qwabe, Mthethwa etc. are also amaGosa or amaKxhosa or amaXhosa (or Maoela/Mawela/Siwela in Sotho-Nguni) akwaNguni = Zulu elders council – the highest civilian ruling entity made up of the chiefs of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 people etc. and a people generally held to be wise and God-fearing at the top. These clans above exist amongst the Xhosas and all other South African tribes with similar or the same names as Zululand and they form part of the Nguni governance structure. Some parts of Eastern Cape are carbon-copies of towns and villages in KZN etc. around the country and continent. Same people living in villages with the same names.

      • ntuthukozwane

        Also please research Molefe/Moloi – the Zulu Moloi who live in deep Zululand – eNquthu, eMondlo around Hlobane who are actually Zulu and Hlubi. They even have an ancestor called Hlubi. These people have the same ancestry as Mchunu. They also still speak Sesotho.

        Bonke abakwaMsane or Bosia or Bosani or Khosani or Khoisani or Xhosani or Xhoseni = Council of elders and wise men who led each and every Nation or groups of nations.

        • andile hawes

          AbakaMoloi abesutu bakaMota

    • ntuthukozwane

      Andile Hawes, I am trying to say to you: What is the difference between AbeSuthu namaZulu namaHlubi?

      For you to say you need proof how oNgcobo (bavela kuVumiZitha no Ngidi who openly claim to be Suthu – read up on oNgidi – they also claim to come from Zwane) bangabeSuthu you seem to be starting from a point where they are not. Even the Zulu Royal Family is Suthu. That is why they call themselves the Suthu regiment.

      Apartheid wanted to break up the old Zulu Kingdom and then rule us separately so they created divisions where there are none. AbeSuthu bonked bazalwa kwaSibiya, yikho kukhona uSotobe = uBeSotho (abanye bethu babethanda ukubeka Isubject of a word at the end instead of the beginning but the word itself spells the 2 main tribes of Thembu or Mafu or Mambu or Mambo-Zulus = Singo = Soi and Thingo = Toyi. Putting it together you get SoiToi = Sotho = Sidi = Nside = Ntshidi = Tshidi (which is what the Tswana-dpeaking North West Tlokwa call themselves: Barolong Ba Ga Tshidi, the Tlokwa are called Hlongwa and are ruled by the Hlongwane or Dlungwane clans as their Kings). This also spells Zitha as So = Si = Zi = Ndo = Sa and Tho = Tha = Thai = Dai = Dinga = Thinga. So, the Suthu people are made of Thoyi and Soli/Singo people.

      The Singo and Svingo are also called Masango or Masau or Saul or Sigcau or Saule (The Xhosa Gcaleka kings are surnamed Sigcau and the royals are also surnamed Saule, the Mpondo King is also called Sigcau – all from the Phalo or Phunga or Phallu or Valoi or Baloi house that produced the current Kunene kings that rule every tribe in Africa) and the Kings of Venda are called VhaSingo and they conquered the Venda-speaking Zulu tribes that lived in Limpompo or Livovo or Libombo or Zibombo or Zibambo or Zimbabwe (it is an old established fact that Mapungubwe was in Old Zimbabwe which is called Lipompo of South Africa now), after the end of the Zulu-Mfecane and Anglo-Zulu war. The VhaSingo or Masvingo are also Shona people in Zimbabwea and the Chewa in Malawi. They are also called Malinga or Maleka in Tsonga-Zulu-Swazi-Sotho Zulu. The big house is called Maluleka which is the same surname as Gcaleka. The Maluleka is the big house of the Hlongwa/Tlokwa that live in Maphumulo, KZN. The Tlokwa are both Zulu and Sotho just like the rest of KZN. They are also Mpondomise whose big house is Ndosini of which Cele is the big house. This nation falls under the Gazu or Gazi or Gaza or Magwaza or Gcau or Ngcuka or Makhunga or Sikhau nation called Mkhwanazi or Vanw’nathi of which Makwakwa or Qwaqwa Mabasa/Mabasa or Sibasa or Sibase (amaYika or Yirha or Nyika or Nyai or Nyathi or Nazi or Nathi or Mjikenda or Mchichenda) and VhaHlengwe or MaHleke or MaSeke or VhaHlengwa or Asalel or Asahel are the 3 parts. All are Zulu, Sotho, Nguni and Thonga. GAZU is widely recognized as Sibiya in KZN. Some even call it Lugaju or Gadu or Gwanto or BamaNgwato or Nqetho or Gendor. They come from the Mzilikazi people, who are 100% Zulu and were Ndwandwe or Ntande or Nandi or Toyi or Anathoth or AmaThoti or AmaToyi. Some are bold enough to call themselves Zondi
      Or Dzondzi or Dzoi or Dziko which is where the Zikode comes from, a Zwane-Thembu libation.

      AmaToyi are Thembu, also called AmaCeduma or AmaNgwe-Duma or Thembu-Duma or Mbuduma or Mputuma or Mpondoma or Mbudumisa or Mpondomise
      (In Bantu and specifically, Swahili iDuma is INgonyama or Nkwenyama or Mbube or Bhubesi or Nongoma or Regma or Lengema – the ancestor of the Mzilikazi or Khumalo or Ngomane or Guma or Axum or Khumane or Ngulumane people) = OMthombeni or Gwabini who consist of Nzima and Ntande or Ndwandwe or Langeni people. These people are the Matatiele or Mathathias or Mthanti or Mantantisi Tlokwa whose former leader is Hlubi who lived with other Hlubi close to Harrismith before being displaced by Mfecane wars. I dare you to pick up the phone and call the BaTlokwa royal family and ask them if they came from KZN and if they are Zulu. BaTlokwa are the group from which the bulk of Pedi, Sotho and Tswana come from. Also called Thai or Thali or Dinga or Mandinga or Mandingo (dingo = DOYI = inja = dog = uMudlo/Umudla (puppy = umudlwana) = Umutlo = Umutla = intya = imbwa – Shona), so, Thai = Tjali = Tyali (Junior house of the junior house or Xhosa Maluleka Kings) = Jali = Jair and where the word Mgo-DOYI meaning dog comes from. Babuye babizwe ngamaZizi or Nongama or NoJama meaning they are a wife tribe to the Jama or Dlamini tribe.

      Lastly, the Ndwandwe come from Zwane and Zie or Zwide or Zweni married a Zwane woman called Ntombazi or Netophathi. This nation is the bulk of the KZN people. ALL Ndwandwes are Sothos.

      THE Sothos or Sothole or Sothoni or Eston or Esthon are made up of: Bethrapha or BeShaba or BeHlamba or Mashaba or Shiba (Mkhwanazi or Makhanya or Mahaye or Khayi), Phesse or Bheshe or Mpisi or Bisi or Bhishi or Mpheze or Mphenze or Mbhense or Mbizi or Mbithi or Mbethe or Mbhele or Mbende or Vende or Vedi or Pedi or Venda or Obed or Shobede or Obedenga or Obededom or Mbelu or Mbedu or Mbedwini or Mpithi (all Sibisi or Sibiside people – iNsinde is the house of King Dinizulu which is the house I come from and it is called eNsindeni – kindly yabaNtwana or Nzwana or Nzwane zakwaZulu or Nguni.) The last clan is called Tehinna or Tehai = Mande Haye = Mandeka = Mandeku or Theku = Theko = Thole = Ntengo = Nani = Ngwani = Gage = Ngwane = Mangwe = Thai = Thali = Jali = Mtshali = Tyali etc. These are Sothos who are also called Maleka or Malinga or Maluleka or MuGcaleka or Ncalane or Ncanana or Mathe or Mande people of Africa.

      The truth is our history is written through all the tribes of Southetn Afriva because we are the same people. That is why you cannot really hold on to an ideology that separates us by language instead or looking at what we have in common. As long as you think of Zulu vs Suthu vs Xhosa, then it is Apartheid 10 – You 0.

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